New Support to Launch Telehealth Services

As the healthcare community manages the COVID-19 pandemic, newly approved telemedicine visits are an important way for physicians to treat patients and accommodate their specific healthcare needs.

Telemedicine visits can provide patients with the care they need without straining emergency departments or doctor offices. However, the clinical workflow, coding, and billing are different for a telemedicine visit than an in-office visit. Physicians and providers often do not know where to start or how to ensure compliance.

The new Lumina Telehealth Program can help. Our playbook provides a practical framework that uses your existing EHR and telemonitoring technology, adding telemedicine visit workflows and procedures with minimal investment.

With this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Launch telemedicine visits in as little as two weeks with our turnkey approach.
  • Accommodate patient needs and demands through proven telehealth technologies.
  • Measure your impact with key performance indicators.
  • Provide direct education to your physicians and staff.

Lumina Telehealth Program

The Telehealth Activation Playbook

A key component in the Lumina Telehealth Program, this playbook provides the following helpful content:

  1. Telehealth Program Culture, Governance and Leadership
    1. Practice Enhancement
    2. Clinical Workflow Criteria
    3. Physician/Clinical and Administrative Champions
    4. Telehealth Key Performance Indicators
  2. Operational Standards and Policies
    1. Telehealth Policy
    2. Compliance
      • Billing
      • Confidentiality/Privacy
      • Licensing and Supervision
    3. Operational Workflows for Telehealth Visits
    4. Clinical Standards
    5. Patient Communication and Education
    6. Staff Roles and Training
  3. Revenue Cycle
    1. Telehealth Payer Policies
    2. Payer Contracting Terms and Rates for Telehealth Services
    3. Codes and Guidelines
      • CPT-4/HCPCS
      • Modifiers
    4. Billing Process
      • Charge Fees
      • Place of Service Codes
      • Pre-claim Edits
    5. Denial Management
    6. Contract Compliance
  4. Technology
    1. Telehealth Technology Platforms
    2. Hardware and Connectivity
    3. EHR Set Up and Visit Templates
    4. Physician and Staff Training

Download the Lumina Telehealth Playbook

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