How can the financial support for anesthesia be reduced?
How can the organization recruit and retain anesthesia providers?
What is the right staffing model for anesthesia services?

With the shifting market dynamics involving anesthesia and perioperative services, health systems and independent groups are actively seeking avenues to improve their financial outcomes.

Lumina Health Partners offers proven anesthesia advisory services to boost provider retention, optimize clinical efficiencies, and achieve stronger financial outcomes, while nurturing a healthy group culture.


  • High-performing perioperative and surgical services

  • Advanced anesthesia staffing models

  • Improved recruitment and greater retention of anesthesia providers

  • Optimal payer contractual and site-of-service reimbursement

  • Top revenue cycle performance

  • Dashboard reporting on quality, productivity, and financial key performance indicators

  • Enhanced operating room scheduling


Lumina’s anesthesia services are led by national experts including physicians, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), financial leaders, and data analysts. Our solutions focus on improving operational efficiencies, surgical performance, anesthesia group alignment, and financial performance. Our advisory services include:

  • Anesthesia Stipend and Contract Review

    • Hospital stipends and contracts with anesthesia groups

    • Stipends structures and agreements between anesthesia providers, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical groups

    • Anesthesia financial analysis and aligned economic models

  • Anesthesia Culture Transformation And Leadership Development

    • Strategic planning and annual reports

    • Group, team and individual leadership programs

    • Anesthesia performance analytics

  • Anesthesia Staffing and Compensation Model Design

    • Anesthesia staffing models with medical direction and oversight, staffing complement of physicians, CRNAs, and anesthesiologist assistants

    • Provider compensation model redesign

  • Revenue Cycle and Payer Contract Assessment

    • Payer market rate analysis

    • Revenue cycle assessment

    • Anesthesia services coding review

  • Provider Network Development

    • Anesthesia integrated provider network development

    • Anesthesia practice transitions and interim leadership

    • Specialty-based anesthesia service development (including pain management)





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