Lumina Health Partners and qrcAnalytics launch a value-based program

The two groups are using the collaborative program to empower provider organizations to effectively use their data for better patient care, align operations, and support financial sustainability. 


Lumina Health Partners and qrcAnalytics are both well-known organizations in their respective fields and their combined efforts, under the new name qrcLuminate™, will bring several benefits to customers.


Value-based care and contracting have become more complex. Healthcare leaders who are charged with managing financial performance and the health of a population are being asked to do more with less while providing quality care. This is an impossible ask without the proper tools.


By leveraging both firms’ expertise in leadership strategy, data analytics, predictive modeling, and operational effectiveness, customers can use the qrcLuminate™ solution to identify high-risk patients and improve population health. The combined expertise of Lumina Health Partners and qrcAnalytics will support value-based strategies and improve the performance of such contracts. Accurate Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) scores and NCQA-certified quality measures are keys to success with value-based contracts.


Daniel J. Marino, Managing Partner, Lumina Health Partners, and Gene Rondenet, President & CEO, qrcAnalytics, shared the news about the strategic joint venture during a recent podcast.


“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting joint venture with qrcAnalytics. We have combined our value-based contracting expertise with qrcAnalytics’ powerful data engine to enable organizations to optimize contracts and succeed in value-based care,” Marino said.


Rondenet added, “Our technical expertise mixed with Lumina’s extensive advisory work with healthcare organizations will be a synergistic combination that will bring financial and clinical value for healthcare providers.”


To learn more about qrcLuminate™, access the on demand Lumina Health Partners complimentary podcast that introduces the newly formed partnership below. For more information, visit or call (866) 775-5391.



About qrcAnalytics

qrcAnalytics is a healthcare IT company dedicated to ensuring high-quality patient care and overall organizational performance by finding strategic value in clinical data captured by the healthcare system. Our platform, the qrcEngine™, has been used by healthcare systems to compliantly optimize incentive and capitation payments and reduce penalties when participating in value-based care initiatives. The team has been active in VBC for over 20 years and has helped clients with continually improving their overall performance regardless of the legislative landscape.


About Lumina Health Partners

Lumina Health Partners is a leader in healthcare consulting and value-based care that delivers business advisory and leadership solutions to healthcare provider organizations. Our experienced team of consultants works hand-in-hand with clients to develop transformative results through strategic planning, revenue recovery, and organizational leadership solutions.


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