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Lumina Health Partners Introduces an Up-Skill Solution for Stressed Healthcare Executives and Physician Leaders

Chicago, IL - Healthcare organizations and hospitals across the country are estimated to lose millions caused in part by unprepared leaders and apparent increasing physician burnout. In response, Lumina Health Partners, a Chicago-based healthcare advisory firm, is launching the Lumina Leadership Institute (LLI) to help healthcare organizations better equip executives and physicians to effectively navigate today’s environment, where strategic objectives in business and clinical areas require stronger, more competent leaders.

Lumina Health Partners is a long-time advisor for hospitals and physicians in advancing value-based care and improving clinical and financial performance. The LLI is a leadership development program for executives and physicians to enhance their leadership and business skills to meet organizational goals.

LLI’s program aligns with an organization’s strategic priorities and business objectives. Clients receive an organizational assessment, ensuing in a customized roadmap focusing on technical and people skills, individual and team assessments, tailored learning development sessions, coaching and mentoring, and peer collaborative meetings.
“Physicians and executives run hard and fast. Taking the time to learn self-reflection and leadership competency is often overlooked and undervalued,” said Dr. Doug McKinley, managing principal. “LLI provides a safe environment to explore topics such as emotional agility, and conflict and change management in a peer-facilitated setting.”
Potential benefits include an increase in leader recruitment and retention, and improved team dynamics. The upskill courses target better clinical care, an improved patient experience, a healthier workplace culture and a strong organizational brand.
“As healthcare providers chart their future course, a leadership shift is required for higher levels of leadership effectiveness, collaboration and business acumen,” said Lucy Zielinski, managing partner. “Investing in a leadership development program can drive a strategy forward and create a culture of growth, resulting in significant ROI for an organization.” adds Daniel Marino, managing partner.

Watch LLI's complimentary webinar on demand, “2021 Physician Leadership: Key Ingredients to Strategic Success.” For more information on LLI, visit or call (866) 775-5391.

2021 Physician Leadership Webinar On Demand


Doug McKinley

By Doug McKinley

Doug McKinley specializes in working with business leaders, helping them grow, become more effective, and reach their full potential. In the healthcare field, Doug is a highly sought-after facilitator for executive leadership teams at hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, and Universities. His skills in coaching have been integral to the development of both existing and emerging physician and nursing leaders.