Are You Ready to Up-Skill Your Executives and Physician Leaders?

When it comes to leading teams and achieving success, executing plans can be frustrating. Are you struggling with getting your healthcare executives and physician leaders to execute the strategic plan? 


What is the Lumina Leadership Institute (LLI)?

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Healthcare executives and physician leaders are juggling competing responsibilities and are left stressed, unmotivated and burned out. Financial pressures and value-based care REQUIRE a CRITICAL shift in leadership. 

  • LLI bridges the gap between training and execution for all types of healthcare leaders
  • LLI is a healthcare provider and executive leadership development program, aligned with your strategy and business goals, customized for you, and delivered in your setting
  • LLI helps improve financial and clinical performance through strategic alignment

Lumina Leadership Institute (LLI) Includes:

  • Organizational assessments
  • Individual and team assessments
  • Learning development sessions
  • Customized business training courses
  • Real-world healthcare workplace case studies and projects
  • 1-1 and team coaching and mentoring from seasoned healthcare professionals

Your organization will be better positioned to meet your patients’ and community’s needs, while creating a culture of success, alignment and trust. 


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Watch our complimentary webinar on demand: 2021 Physician Leadership - Key Ingredients to Strategic Success where we will discuss the challenges physicians face and what business and leadership skills are required to help your organization fulfill its mission and strategy.


2021 Physician Leadership Webinar On Demand

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Leadership can no longer be seen as a position, or in many ways, as a goal. Leadership is dynamic, responsive, and organic. Anyone choosing to accept this mysterious but rewarding experience will need to understand the complexities of emotional intelligence both in themselves as well as others.

Our new whitepaper, The Emotionally Intelligent Healthcare Leader, will help you discover what emotional intelligence is and why it is important for physician and executive healthcare leaders.




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