The Health Care Workforce Challenge: Three Solutions that Work!

Episode Overview

The health care industry has long been challenged with workforce issues: high turnover, recruitment and retention, escalating wage growth, and low morale.  Health care executives and human resource leaders could not imagine these challenges getting much worse, then along came COVID-19. Now surveys across the industry are indicating workforce issues are the number one challenge facing many provider organizations.

In this podcast episode of Value-Based Care Insights, Daniel J. Marino speaks with John Malone to highlight the extent of the COVID-19 impact and example solutions that work to address workforce challenges. Key points include: 

  • The importance of empowering frontline supervisors and managers to decrease burnout, and improve retention and turnover with a sense of ownership and decision-making authority 
  • The standardization of workflows to move work processes down to the appropriate resources to address staff burnout and dissatisfaction
  • Tailored retention strategies based on key workforce metrics that are accurate and understood by management
  • The conscious awareness of a positive culture leading to a high-performing organization
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2022: Tackling Critical Health Care Challenges

Episode Overview:

The way health care providers connect with patients has changed significantly since the onset of COVID. With new challenges, having care models that are consumer-focused and convenience-based is critical more than ever before. The need for a strategic focus is paramount for organizations to successfully bounce back from COVID. 

In this episode of Value-Based Care Insights, Daniel J. Marino speaks with Bill Bodnar to discuss several challenges health care organizations are facing as they transition out of COVID. Bodnar shares his insights on new challenges, including workforce dynamics, non-traditional health care models, and the pursuit of value. Key points include: 

  • The competition among primary care providers and specialists with non-traditional providers, shifting to consumer-focused and convenience-based models 
  • The use of automation and other innovative solutions to address workforce burnout and employee retention
  • The advancement of population health management and value-based contracts to improve patient care and financial outcomes 
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Success Factors of Clinical Variation Reduction

Episode Overview:

As part of VBCI’s ongoing coverage of clinical variation reduction (CVR), Episode 9 “How to Start CVR,” focuses on proven approaches for integrating the concept to an organization’s operations.

Lumina Health Partners Principal George Mayzell MD, MBA, FACHE joins co-hosts Daniel J. Marino and Shaillee Chopra to share an effective two-pronged approach that relies on strong physician engagement and adapting organizational infrastructure to support needed changes.

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Introduction to Clinical Variation Reduction Strategies

Episode Overview:

Managing Principal Daniel J. Marino and Managing Principal John Malone discuss why it is important for organizations to focus on clinical variation strategies to manage and reduce the cost of operations. John shares various data-driven approaches to manage variation in processes, training and operations that lead to decreased costs across lines of service. 

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