About the Value-Based Care Insights Podcast

Lumina Health Partners (LHP) is pleased to introduce their new podcast series, Value-Based Care Insights (VBCI). The series serves as a thought leadership resource for healthcare organizations, where they can learn strategies for transitioning from a fee-for-service business model to one based on fee-for-value, or value-based care.

Each episode is co-hosted by LHP Managing Partner Daniel J. Marino and Principal Shaillee Chopra, as they dive into disruptive success strategies for healthcare organizations, along with some of the industry's top experts and thought leaders. 

Episode Overview:


Daniel J. Marino
Daniel J. Marino, Managing Partner, Lumina Health Partners

Shaillee Chopra
Shaillee Chopra, Principal, Lumina Health Partners

In Episode 1, Daniel and Shaillee introduce LHP and the firm’s mission of helping provider organizations navigate the many changes occurring in healthcare, with a focus on value-based preparation, including strategy and execution.

Episode Discussion Areas:

1. About Lumina Health Partners and Hosts

  • About LHP and background
  • Partners and consultants
  • About Daniel J. Marino and Shaillee Chopra

2. Lumina Health Partners' mission  

9 Key Takeaways on Lumina Health Partners and the VBCI Podcast Series

1. Helping healthcare providers navigate change.

  • Lumina Health Partners is a professional advisory firm that helps organizations understand how their workplace culture needs to adapt to new realities and how to prepare their people for new approaches.

2. Practical operational experience.

  • It is crucially important for leaders of healthcare organizations to understand that Lumina team members have walked in leaders’ shoes and approach each VBC topic with perspectives developed through years of leadership experience with both provider groups and healthcare organizations.

3. A foundation of education and community building.

  • Lumina prides itself on providing insight and support to leaders while also connecting them with their peers across the country who are experiencing similar challenges and successes. 

4. A long-term, trusted partner.

  • With LHP’s “lead to support” model, our team members help healthcare leaders build  skills to navigate change and execute strategies, with an eye toward eventually stepping back to a supportive, advisory role.

5. Financially responsible recommendations.

  • Team members draw from their experience of making tough choices that consider financial performance and outcomes leading organizations to new levels of success.

6. The potential to improve healthcare.

  • Insights shared on the VBCI podcast have the potential to help audience members improve their organizations financially, operationally and clinically – and culturally – to really make a difference.

7. Taking conversations beyond reimbursement.

  • Lumina is pleased with its record of helping provider groups reimagine discussions with payers that include analytics and operational insights on how quality care is delivered cost-effectively.

8. Focusing on clinical transformation.

  • The firm relies on data analytics to help physicians managing patient populations effectively by changing workflows to deliver the right level of patient care to achieve optimal outcomes.

9. The essential role of data integration.

  • Lumina helps organizations identify the data they need and guides them on how to use actionable insights for meaningful activities that meet desired goals.

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Daniel J. Marino

Podcast episode by Daniel J. Marino

Daniel specializes in shaping strategic initiatives for health care organizations and senior health care leaders in key areas that include population health management, clinical integration, physician alignment, and health information technology.