Where: Lumina Insights Webinar
When: August 14, 2019

Join us as Daniel Marino, MBA, MHA, Managing Partner for Lumina Health Partners, and Maha Salah-Uh-Din, MPH, Senior Advisor for Lightbeam Health Solutions, present the top three strategies for building a proven blueprint for success under CMS’s ACO Pathways to Success program. Once organizations decide to participate in the program, executing on the right actions and capabilities are important to realizing shared savings and are critical to guard against potential losses. Organizations are typically challenged with where to start and whether the initiatives will produce the best results. Some of the elements included in the “blueprint for success” are the governance structure, action-oriented analytics, focused care delivery, and provider education.

As part of the webinar, the presenters will share best practices of how high-performing ACOs have achieved financial success, as well as lessons learned from ACO organizations from the past years. Specific insights will be shared to help attendees create their own “blueprint,” as well as recommendations on how to measure and predict results.

Key takeaways from the session include:

  • Attributes of financially successful ACOs
  • Steps and initiatives important in building an action-oriented blueprint for success
  • Recommendations on the analytics that are key in tracking performance and predicting future ACO performance

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